Insurance & Claims Process

If the roof of your home or business has been damaged by hail or is in need of repair, you will need to work with your insurance company in order to cover the costs associated with repairing or replacing your roof. Roof damage caused by storms and/or hail is typically covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. The team at Jackson Roofing Company has years of experience dealing insurance companies, adjusters, and mortgage companies. We take pride in being a resource and advocate for both our residential and commercial customers.

How work with your insurance company and file a claim when your damaged roof needs to be repaired or replaced:


  • Call Jackson Roofing for a free roof inspection & consultation
  • Call your insurance provider and file a claim
  • Contact and schedule meeting with insurance adjuster
  • Have a Jackson Roofing representative meet with your adjuster
  • Notify your mortgage company about your roof claim and inquire about their internal and procurement procedures
  • Schedule your project with Jackson Roofing according to your preference and convenience


Jackson Roofing Company is happy to provide you guidance and answer any questions that you may about how the insurance process works and how to file a claim. Our company has worked with numerous North Texas homeowners and businesses, and we understand how to work with insurance companies and adjusters. We’ll work with you every step of the way from start to finish and make sure that your roof is repaired not only effectively but efficiently.

For a free inspection or for more information about how to file a claim, call or contact the roofing experts at Jackson Roofing Company today.