Below are a few, actual letter written by customers and vendors.

Letter 1 – January 2004

“The quality of work looks very nice. We also appreciate that you are willing to make sure that all of the little odds & ends after the roof is on are taken care of.”

Letter 2 – August 2002

“You and your work crew ensured that we fully understood exactly what and how the roofing job was to be done. The quality of workmanship was excellent.”

Roofing Supply Group – Vendor supplied letter

“Our company has supplied roofing materials to Jackson Roofing since 2000. We consider them to be truly professional contractors who base their business on pride, integrity and dependability.”

Feagins Associates April 2011

“Jackson Roofing is a very professional roofing company, great work crews, and their work is above reproach. They have done two roofs for me, many of my friends and neighbors, and did the slate shingle roof on our church”